Executive Team

Carlton started IPCK after consulting for years as a UNIX Engineer and Database and Aerospace Engineer. The ability to merge these disciplines has led to his passion for helping businesses succeed with technology. His large skill set separates IPCK from other IT service companies.


Despite his hard work and dedication at IPCK, Carlton finds time to run serveral marathons per year, including a few international events.

Carlton Powell:  CEO

Anitra Maynette, joined IPCK in 2014 and merged her Women minority Quality Operations Support practice (Governance as a Service) with IPCK to form a Global Governance as a Service support organization.

Anitra holds an MBA from University of Phoenix and a BS in Management of Information Systems.

President Governance

GaaS Operations

Anitra Maynette

Monique Powell, Sales representatives services for Information services businesses, government agencies and other organizations and works directly with customers. Extremely enthusiastic personality and a the love for travels. Connecting with many trade shows and conferences to keep abreast of evolving products and changing customer needs.

Sales and Marketing

Monique Powell

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